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Published: 30th April 2010
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Since 1971, MasterGuard authorized dealers have sold millions of home fire safety products and served hundreds of thousands of homeowners with warranty and service issues. Nearly every week, the company receives letters from satisfied customers crediting our products, education and Dealers with saving the lives of their families from home fires. Our lifetime fire replacement warranty provides them with peace of mind and free replacement of their product.

MasterGuard products are sold through independent authorized dealers. The direct sales approach is more expensive and you must take into consideration the value of pre-sale, point-of-sale, and post-sale services provided by factory trained installers, services that do not accompany a product purchased online and delivered by mail. It is true that some commercial-grade smoke alarms and other products can be purchased online. However, would you know how and where to install such products? Would you know how to hard-wire smoke alarms so that they have two sources of power? Would you know what to do to interconnect smoke alarms so that if one alarm in the house sounds, they all do? Do you know where the applicable fire code recommends the installation of heat alarms but not smoke alarms in your home? Do you even know what a heat alarm is or how it works? Do you know that a single-station mechanical heat alarm, which requires no source of power, cannot be purchased at retail from any vendor? The package prices offered by authorized MasterGuard dealers include professional installation of all the products, as well as personalized instruction in how to use, test, and care for the products. A complete package generally includes combination dual sensor smoke alarms, single-station mechanical heat alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and other products professionally installed (hard-wired if possible) in locations throughout the home required or recommended by the applicable fire code. A product purchased online, which arrives in a box in the mail, is not accompanied by such services. And if you need service or assistance, your local dealer will come directly to your home to provide it. If you have a problem with a product you purchased online, customer "service" may consist of email responses to emailed questions.

Our high quality engineering, manufacturing and research and development have set us apart for nearly four decades. We do not attempt to build a "cheaper" fire alarm... we attempt to build a "better" fire alarm. For instance, our stand-alone smoke alarm can be completely submerged in water with soap to clean it. There isn't another stand alone smoke alarm on the market that can withstand this type of field maintenance. United States workers employed by our US Factories build our alarms for us and exclusively for us. Our product replacement warranty is 25 years plus a 2 year unlimited replacement warranty for a total of 27 years. If a consumer decides to return his or her smoke alarm simply because it is time to replace their detection under the 10 year replacement required by the NFPA, then we replace it. The men and women who staff our service department work diligently to provide above and beyond quality service to each customer.

Before you were introduced to the MasterGuard products and the awareness that our presentation brought to you, you likely had no idea that you needed quality products for fire detection. You had probably never thought about fire drills in the home or you didn't know if your fire extinguisher was charged. You may have been in the huge percentage of homeowners with disabled smoke alarms because the inexpensive models that came with your home had false alarmed. Worse yet, your home was built before code required you to have smoke alarms in your bedroom and our Dealer brought that to your attention. And you probably did not have single-station mechanical heat alarms (requiring no source of power) installed in locations in your home recommended by the NFPA model fire code. The cost of not knowing these extremely important "facts" is proven by the thousands of people who lose their lives in our country every year.

In 40 years, MasterGuard has never been informed that a single life has been lost as a result of the failure of a MasterGuard fire alarm to work as intended. We are proud of that record - and we would not have it but for the professional installation, service, and educational work of authorized MasterGuard dealers, who determine what products are needed in what locations and professionally install them. Our number one goal is to save lives through education, high quality early warning fire alarms and proper placement by factory trained independent authorized Dealers and their Safety Advisors. In fact, if you compare our pricing to any commercial fire alarm installer, we will be at fair market prices. In fact, we often outbid our competition.

Make no mistake, we do not compete with the big box store alarms made in Taiwan. Those alarms have a purpose. They protect people who cannot afford to do better. In our country, we offer public transportation as well as Volvos for purchase. The public transportation will get you there, but the Volvo offers more. If you have attended an awareness seminar, you will have been informed about the other options. It is our commitment to continue to bring new and innovative alarms to market.

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